2023 Oceania Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon

2023 Oceania Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon Championships

It was a fabulous Easter Long Weekend for a dedicated team of South Australian Marathon Paddlers who headed to Geelong to compete in the 2023 Oceania and  Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon & SUP Championships. While the weather was cold the racing was hot with some very close finishes.

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We look forward to 2024 when it will be hosted in SA…..keep an eye out for more details


For your information results were as follows

Short Course

C1 M Open (6 comp)

3rd Jordan Jenkin (Westlake)


K1 M Open (21 comp)

2nd Glenn Rypp just 2 seconds behind (PA Direct)

5th Dale Thomson (onka)

7th Owen McLeod (PA Direct)


Long Course Singles

C1 M U18

Jordan Jenkin (only entry)


K1 M Open (13 comp)

2nd Glenn Rypp just 1 sec behind 1st


K1 M V35-44 (3 comp)

1st Dale Thomson


K1 W V35-44 (2 comp)

2nd Lucinda Remilton (Encounter Paddling)


K1 W V45-54 (4 comp)

3rd Cathy Venning (Encounter Paddling)


General Class Singles  W V 55-59 (6 comp)

2nd Deb Basset (PA Direct)


General Class  Singles M 65-69 (6 comp)

1st George Rypp (Holdfast)

2nd Rob Lee (Holdfast)


General Class Singles M V70-74 (3 conp)

3rd Neil Thomson (Onka)


K2 M Open (8 comp)

5th Owen McLeod/ Glenn Rypp (PA Direct)

6th Dale Thomson/ Tim Symonds (Onka/ Fairfield, Vic, previously Encounter)


K2 W V35-64 (4 comp)

2nd Cathy Venning/ Lucinda Remilton (Encounter Paddling)


General Class Doubles W V55-64 (8 comp)

2nd Deb Basset/Lyndell Willcocks  (PA Direct/ Bendigo, Vic)


C2 X Open (3 comp)

3rd Em Harrison/ Jordan Jenkin  (Vic/ Westlakes)