Want to Know Where to Paddle? 

Across South Australia

The Paddle Trails Website provides all you need to know about Paddling Trails across South Australian waterways.

SA Water Reservoirs- SA Water welcomes people to paddle kayaks and canoes on some of the State’s most beautiful reservoirs-

Inclusive Paddling

Paddling provides many health and wellbeing benefits, it provide fitness, fun, social connections, relaxation and nature appreciation.

#Shepaddles – Shepaddles promotes paddling events for women, supervised by women, ensuring that women have an opportunity in a non-competitive environment to have an opportunity to paddle with other women in a social environment. 

Supportive Paddling– West Lakes Paddle Sports offers a program for people with a disability to learn to paddle.  Contact them for more information.

Want to Learn to Paddle?

There are many options to suit your needs:

Contact a paddling club– most clubs offer a come and try for a low cost and will teach you some basic skills.

Go on a Tour with commercial operated business- Many offer tours where no previous experience is necessary- they will teach you what you need for the tour.

Join a Course– If you are more serious about paddling on your own or in challenging environment it is recommended that you undertake a course as follows:

  • Basic Skills Award– a 6 hour introduction for people who want to learn to paddle (Canoe, Kayak or SOT (sit on top)).
  • Flatwater Skills Award– extension of paddling skills, course participants will learn additional paddle strokes and rescues. Holders of the Flat-water Skills award have demonstrated they can competently paddle a kayak or canoe as part of a group of peers on flat sheltered, undemanding water.

Refer to the Paddle SA Accreditation page

Recreational Events

Barossa Roar

Every October a tri-athlon is held at the Warren Reservoir- Paddle, Run and Ride, compete by yourself of join a team and compete in a relay.


A yearly fun event for all paddlers.

Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge

The Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge is a fun paddle sports event for young people and presents participants with challenges and opportunities while paddling along the beautiful River Murray.

Paddle SA has run this event since 2003, giving young South Australians the chance to have fun, make new friends, learn about the environment, and go on an adventure.

Teams of up to 6 participants and a supervising adult* are made up of groups from public and private schools, community groups, guides and scouts, and other youth organisations.

Team Paddle Challenge is all about working as a team. You will need to work together and find as many checkpoints as possible in an attempt to gain the most points and win. Competitors have six hours on the Saturday to make their way around the course and back to the campsite and 5 1/2 hours on the Sunday.

Usually held in November each year, email Paddle SA to go on the email list.