Why get Qualified:

Qualifications give you the authority to deliver training and are indicators of your ability to paddle on flat, white and/or sea waters. When you are deemed competent with a qualification, you will be reassured you have the knowledge and skills to paddle at that level, and others can be reassured that you are qualified to deliver paddling experiences to that level.

Once qualified as a Guide or Instructor you can use the PADDLE ED APP and deliver activities to School, or community groups in clubs and businesses and be fully insured when your group is registered.

A participant is encouraged to attend the training courses that will provide the basic skills & knowledge and then seek opportunities to practice and develop experience at this level before considering assessment for the qualification.

Differences between the Guide and Instructor Qualification

Holders of a Guide Qualification are qualified to lead or guide trips with Novice participants.

Holders of an Instructor Qualification have a much deeper understanding of the technical fundamentals of paddling technique and development. Instructors have been assessed at a higher level and are qualified to instruct and facilitate skill transfer to participants. These participants will then have the ability to act independently or with minimal supervision

If you would like more information please complete the Paddle Australia Expression of Interest – Education Programs Online Form.