Paddle SA Flatwater Leadership Training Course

Paddle SA Flatwater Leadership Training Course 

The Paddle SA Flatwater Leadership Program delivers training for those seeking qualification as a Paddling Supervisor, Guide or Instructor. 

Training is delivered in accordance with the Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme, the industry benchmark designed to meet the needs of the
paddling industry in education, recreational and tourism sectors nationwide.

These qualifications indicate competence in instructing groups and leading trips on inland waters such as lakes, reservoirs and gently flowing rivers.

To achieve the Flatwater Leadership Qualification you are required to:
  1. Complete a three day training course and develop competent kayaking skills and safe group management. This training is conducted at Paddle SA’s training facility at Aquatic Reserve, Bower Rd, West Lakes.
  2. Complete resource based learning tasks including an online quiz and project.
  3. Gain paddling and leadership experience and record this in the Paddle Australia APP- PaddleLog and submit to your assessor.  
  4. Be observed by an assessor when conducting a kayaking activity and deemed competent.

The course covers the following:

• Instruction & training methodologies
• Communication and leadership
• Environmental impact
• Flatwater paddling skills
• Towing and rescues
• Planning a paddling session
• Hazard identification and risk management during a paddling journey
• Equipment and clothing 
• Planning a journey
• Guiding methodologies
• Responding to incidents during a journey
• Leadership prior to and during a journey.

The Course fees are:

• Flatwater Instructor/Guide(3 Day course) $395
• Paddle Supervisor(2 day course) $280
• The one day assessment task has a fee of $295.

Discounts are available for Paddle Australia members and groups.

Once your training and assessment are complete your qualification is registered with Paddle Australia and is valid for 3 years. Registration for three years is $170.

Please contact Paddle SA for further information or to enroll in training please register by clicking on the course below

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